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Lorena McKinney TX

We enjoy great tasting water and we have pace of mind that our love ones are protected. My kids are even drinking more water.

~Lorena Ross | McKinney Texas

Angela from Frisco TX

I am almost 50 years old and everybody tells me that I look in my 30s.  They ask me what is my secret and I tell them that I have been drinking Avincii Alkaline Water for over a decade and I truly credit that to my health.

~Angela Verdaguer | Frisco Texas

Can you stop eating your Favorite Food ? Neither can we.






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is Lemon Acidic or Alkaline?
(It's not what you think...)

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The modern diet that most of us consume daily is generally composed with acidic food as we can see in the pH spectrum. To avoid eating acidic foods we would have to eat raw fruits and vegetables...RIGHT? But...
Could we really stop eating our favorite foods and drinks?
We know this would be very difficult, however Avincii Water can help your body to find the balance need it against the harm of our daily diet could generate.

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This short video will explain step by step how our System works